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Frequently Asked Questions 


What Are The Services You Offer And How Much Do Your Sessions Cost?


At Gypsy Willow Transformations the following options are available:


Single sessions

3 x Session Breakthrough Package

5 x Session Transformation Package

10 x Session Ultimate Change Package

Ongoing Single Sessions Post Package


Upfront payments attract significant discounts.


Payment plans are available in order to make coaching affordable for those who need it most.


Ongoing sessions post package sessions delivered at heavily discounted price.


For a full price list please contact us either via the chat link or:

Phone: 0429402100 (Australia)


How are sessions with GWT conducted?

Gypsy Willow Transformations can provide online, phone and face to face sessions depending on your (and our) location.


Currently online sessions are being conducted via the Zoom platform. Zoom links will be provided for each of your appointments well in advance.


Phone sessions are available. We will call you at pre-arranged time in order to accommodate your needs.


Face to Face sessions are currently only available in county Monaghan Ireland. Face to face appointments will be available in Australia as of April 2022.

Why should I choose GWT?

We have been where you are, we know the pain of heartbreak, the feeling of hopelessness a chronic illness diagnosis brings, we know what its like to be frozen in place without a clue as how to move forward, we have cried ourselves to sleep at night, entertained toxic relationships and friendships longer than we should, doubted ourselves in every way imaginable, experienced loss and grief, been financially challenged and have had many many dark nights of the soul.


Aside from our qualifications, We at GWT have something that an education can not provide. LIFE EXPERIENCE We are also dedicated to practicing what we preach and apply many of the same principles, methods and techniques in our own lives.


If you are looking for someone to truly understand and support you, GWT is definitely for you. We want to learn about YOU, what makes you light up, what are you currently having difficulty with? What will it take to get you where you want to go? We want to be your best team mate, to help you find your wings and fly in any direction you want to go! To release all that is holding you back and to support and encourage you to seize the moment and create the life of your dreams!!


It is our mission to ensure that once our time together reaches its natural conclusion; you will have the tools you need to be your own best friend, to back yourself, to transform into the person you always wanted to be!

I am not sure yet if GWT is for me. Can I 'try before I buy? 

Absolutely! GWT offers a FREE 30 minute exploration session aimed at getting clear on:


Where you are in life right now

Where you want to be in the future

What your Goals/Dreams/Aspirations are

How we can best help you to meet those Goals/Dreams/Aspirations How we can help you to overcome any limiting thoughts or behaviours


THERE IS NO OBLIGATION! If at the end of the exploration session you do not feel that GWT is for you, we wish you well and hope that what we have explored with you will help to give some clarity around the direction you would like to proceed!


If you do choose to continue with us there are 4 options to chose from:

Single sessions

3 x Session Breakthrough Package

5 x Session Transformation Package

10 x Session Ultimate Change Package

What are your qualifications?

As well as several years of self study in the area of human behaviour, communications, self mastery, spiritual practices, healing, wellness and self help techniques ; GWT practitioners have also undergone world class training and are certified NLP practitioners and Life Coaches. Owner/Operator Jessey Jackson is also currently undergoing studies as a Certified Master NLP practitioner & Life Coach.

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