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True Healing...

True healing comes from sitting in the silence, your heart in your own hands and letting it all come to to surface and fully feeling every single tearing, ripping, wrenching, nauseating, desperate emotion that we spend so much time pushing down, covering with a smile or pretending it doesn’t exist. Healing comes from AUTHENTICITY... from looking in the mirror and saying… I see you, I love you, I’ve got you… and it’s ok to feel.

You are NOT broken, you ARE worthy of abundance, love, peace, happiness and prosperity. You are more powerful than you give yourself credit for! You CAN heal your heart and your life! In moments of sadness, hurt, fear, anxiety and overwhelm hold your own heart carefully, gently, softly and with loving hands and fill it with YOUR love… People come and go, some hurt, some heal, but you are with you for your entire life… so why not be your own best friend, your own lover, your own confidant? Be the one who never lets you down… your heart will thank you.

As human beings we also do not exist in a vacuum. We are social creatures and need community, love, warmth and support. You DO NOT have to be strong all of the time! It is ok not to be ok... True healing is also about recognising when you DO need help and ultimately reaching out to those you love and trust, those who you know have only your best interest at heart. Its about letting them know how you REALLY feel when you are hurting, even if that doesn't fit the 'good girl' or 'good boy' image that the world expects you to portray... Show them your pain and allow them to support you. This too is self love...

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